About Us

Wellspring was founded by an ads person and a data person. We aren't investors, we aren't venture-backed, and we're not salespeople.

Wellspring is a product of our combined experiences: as brand employees, digital ad agency employees, and as independent consultants for e-commerce brands.

With digital ad performance headwinds increasing, we needed something to give our brands to measure their ad performance in an unbiased way. It's impossible to drive growth in top or bottom line when the numbers reported by the ad platforms look like this, in relation to the revenue shown in Shopify itself:

The ad platforms commonly reported more revenue combined than the brand actually made! Every one of our individual clients, regardless of size and resources, were facing the same issues.

After refocusing on the less nebulous sources of data – first & zero party – we found that we could match ad spend levels to survey responses and Shopify data. We developed beta versions of Wellspring that quickly proved to be quite valuable to our clients. After the success seen from the first few brands using the beta, it became clear that Wellspring would work for many more.

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