Wellspring is Best-Touch Attribution

Wellspring is not first touch, not last touch, not multi-touch… but best touch.

We believe that there's one main touchpoint that produces a purchase. One purchase, one attribution source. Other touchpoints may exist and be valuable, but Wellspring does not guess what those values are.

Why not?

Assigning accurate values to individual touchpoints is difficult at best. What might be true for one customer who made a purchase, might not be true for another.

Whether linear, recency-based, position-based, or any other conceptual way of assigning values to touchpoints, the values assigned are guesses.

Wellspring takes a different approach. Instead of guessing the distribution of touchpoint value, we assign it in the best way possible – by asking the customer.

Now – assigning value to touchpoints, whether single-touch, best-touch, multi-touch or anything else, is indefensible if there are any missing touchpoints, or categories of touchpoints. With other (particularly muli-touch) attribution models, there is a big category missed either in part, or entirely: views.

Clicks are a subset of views. A user has to view in order to click. Wellspring puts both clicks and views on the same playing field – where they should be. Sometimes viewing an ad leads to a purchase, other times clicking on an ad leads to a purchase. Wellspring captures both, ensuring that the best-touch was actually included to begin with.

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